Our Pure Norfolk Cloudy Apple Juice is produced at Ashill Fruit Farm, a family and friends run orchard. Ashill is a small village in the Norfolk countryside near Swaffham. The orchard mainly comprises of thirty different varieties of apples, three varieties of pears, and various varieties of plums and soft fruits. Many of the established fruit trees are over sixty years old!

Once the fruit has fully ripened on the trees it is hand picked for juicing. The fruit is washed, ground to a pulp and passed through a belt press which efficiently squeezes all the juice from the fruit. We press the whole fruit including the skin and pips! This helps to ensure we extract the maximum fruit goodness and flavour from the fruit. The pure fruit juice is then bottled and slowly pasteurized to ensure the flavour is maintained at its best.

We never add sugar, preservatives, flavours or colours. The sweetness and taste of our juice is determined by the different varieties of fruit used. Just a touch of vitamin C is added to stop the freshly pressed juice turning brown. The juice is kept pure and natural as nature intended.

Pure Norfolk Apple Juice has established a reputation for full flavoured, natural apple juice that is enjoyed by everyone!